• Membership Benefits and Information
  • Open to military, DoD and the civilian community.
  • Base access not required (we're near the Arizona Memorial).
  • Experienced sailors, novice sailors and non-sailors are all welcome.
  • Meet other people with a similar interest in sailing, who are happy to share their knowledge of the local community, sailing, racing, cruising and general boating experiences.
  • Learn more about the local boating community and participate in major events sponsored by other Hawaii yacht clubs.
  • Opportunity for anyone to get qualified on Rhodes 19's, 420's, Lasers and El Toro sailboats.
  • Opportunity to sail these boats during our regularly scheduled events.
  • For those of you that own boats, opportunity to sail without pre- and post-cleanup hassles!
  • Clinics on racing, cruising, spinnakers, etc.
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